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The Taoist Monk and His Adventures

by Xu Haofeng

Publisher: People's Literature Publishing House

Date Published: 2015/08/18

Price: 26.40

ISBN: 9787020102969

Contact: Lu Nan


Email: lulu.white@hotmail.com

The Taoist Monk and His Adventures is a story set in the Republic of China period (1912-1949). During this period, the entire nation lived in the chaos caused by constant invasions and fighting between warlords. A little Taoist monk, He Anxia, snuck down from the temple because he was so fed up with being lonely. He Anxia never could’ve imagined the strange people and events he ran into when he came down from the mountain. Unintentionally, he gets involved in the struggle for leadership of Taijimen; he must to face off Japanese ninjas who came to China to steal secret martial art techniques. Then, the National Parties’ intelligence unit recruits him, but he uses this opportunity to help opera singer Mr. Zha kill the head of the unit to avenge his wife. He Anxia has to find his place working between the intelligence organization, a Nazi professor, the Japanese, and the world of martial arts. This novel tells the story of how Anxia seeks to understand the philosophical teachings of martial arts as he experiences these strange events, which will change his life forever. A film based on this novel was released in July 2015.

Xu Haofeng is a writer, scriptwriter, director, and professor at Beijing Film Academy’s Department of Film Directing. Born in 1973, Xu started college studying painting at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts. He later graduated from Beijing Film Academy with a degree in directing. His literary of kongfu non-fiction, The Lost World of Kongfu, marked the start of this new genre. In 2007, Xu Haofeng wrote The Taoist Monk and His Adventures, which was praised as a revival of the extreme kongfu novel and regained some market share for this genre.

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