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Deng Xiaoping’s Days

by Song Yijun

Publisher: Modern Press

Date Published: 2015/08/18

Price: 50.00

ISBN: 978-7-5143-3768-6

Contact: Bi Chunlan

Tel: 010-62464558

Email: bihu20051@sina.com

Deng Xiaoping, the second-generation core leader of the Chinese Communist Party, was a Marxist, politician, military strategist, and diplomat, and one of the main leaders of the People's Liberation Army and the People's Republic of China. He was the chief architect of China's socialist reform, opening-up, and modernization construction, and the creator of the Deng Xiaoping Theory. The "reform and opening-up" and "One Country, Two Systems" policy ideas he advocated have not only changed China in the late 20th century, but also affected the entire world. Due to his influence, he was twice elected as "Person of the Year" by Times, in 1978 and 1985.

This book employs authentic, first-hand historic data and a lot of precious pictures to truly restore the legendary life experiences of Deng Xiaoping, as well as the historical events and political changes in twentieth century China, bringing readers a unique reading experience.

Song Yijun holds a J.D. from and is a researcher at Renmin University of China. He is a former deputy inspector of the Chinese Communist Party Literature Research Center Research Department III and mainly engages in the study of military thought and practice of Deng Xiaoping and other leaders. He is the author of Deng Xiaoping's Three Rises and Falls, Deng Xiaoping’s Road, Mao Zedong and Peng Dehuai, and other works.

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