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The Intern (New Edition)

by Lan Xiaoxi

Publisher: Modern Press

Date Published: 2015/08/18

Price: 29.80

ISBN: 978-7-5143-2418-0

Contact: Bi Chunlan

Tel: 010-62464558

Email: bihu20051@sina.com

This is the first novel in China that vividly depicts how the “90's kids” find jobs and enter society- it's the most topical and inspirational story about young adults! The city idol TV drama The Intern, adapted from the novel of the same name, will air in July 2015.

Song Nuan and Zhou Gege are graduates of the year from a well-known university in Shanghai. They are the children of a wage-earning generation without any background; they dream of finding a good job and a good husband. After being repeatedly rebuffed during the job-searching process, they, as college roommates, are both accepted to a large-scale private enterprise as interns. In trying to secure a job, they both experience the complexity of human relationships in their respective intern work and go through ups and downs that they never experienced as students. Self-confident Song Nuan is strongly pursued by a rich second generation suitor, and Zhou Gege, who wants to marry a rich guy, finds herself falling in love with a 'phoenix man'...

Lan Xiaoxi graduated from the Department of Chinese Language at Nanjing University. She is a writer, screenwriter, and the author of In and Out of Marriage, Apple of One’s Eye, Stay in Love, Marriage Period, and others. Many of her works have been adapted in film and television. She has attracted a great deal of attention for her concern about the living conditions of China's young generation, and has been called "the female writer with most topical potential."

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