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Longquan Celadon

by Ye Yingting

Publisher: China Fine Arts Publishing Group

Date Published: 2013/01/04

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ISBN: 978-7-102-06459-8




Longquan celadon refers to Chinese celadon produced in Longquan kilns.Song dynasty celadons display the greatest variety of shape and glaze color. Bold, sophisticated, engaging,and startlingly classic, Longquan ceramics emerged as a distinct Chinese art form the 10th and 11th to 17th centuries.This book by curator of The Celadon Museum tell us about Longquan’s history, manufacture, use, and significance.

Ye Yingting,Museum curator of celadon in LiShui ,Collector,Longquan celadon researcher.He broke the academia theory of "longquan folk kiln".

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