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A Piano Suite of Chinese

by Bao Yuankai

Publisher: People's Music Publishing House

Date Published: 2011/01/01

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ISBN: 978-7-103-03240-4




There are 6 parts in the suite, and each part consists of 4 pieces. These are pure Chinese folk melodies and easy for those who have taken piano lessons for 2-3 years. There is a painting with the same title of each piece, drawn by 2 famous artists, Li Zhiguo and Li Zhiqiang. Below each painting there is brief introduction to the piece. All text is in Chinese and English. Hardback and paperback available.

Bao Yuankai,  Chinese composer and music educator, currently holds the post of art institute director of Xiamen University, artist consultant of both Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra and Xiamen Association of Performing Arts Industry. He successively held the deputy director of Chinese Musicians’ Association Composition Committee, member of Music Research Journals editorial board, judge of Golden Bell Award for music. His compositions have become the highest performing Chinese orchestral works overseas, which were put into the domestic nine year compulsory education in all grades of music textbooks as the appreciation of teaching materials.

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