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Eradication of Poverty by E-Business

by Wang Xiangdong

Publisher: The Commercial Press

Date Published: 2016/07/01

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ISBN: 978-7-100-12239-9




Planned by AliResearch, Eradication of Poverty by E-Business is a collection of perceptions and thoughts on helping the poor by promoting e-business, the outcome of a new research project, and also a cutting-edge masterpiece of the concepts, ideas, and strategies in governance. Hopefully, this book will give China, or even the world, some enlightenment on poverty eradication.

Chief Compilers: Wang Xiangdong, a professor and doctoral advisor of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the director of IIIC, and a member of China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. Gao Hongbing, vice-president of Alibaba, and the director of AliResearch. Planner: AliResearch, founded in 2007, is an institution dedicated to diversified data-driven case-based research projects. It is supported by the online business eco-system of Alibaba, the operation of which covers e-business, Internet finance, smart logistics, cloud computing, and big data analysis. AliResearch believes in an open, sharing and transparent Internet, and aims to become a new think tank of economy and governance, in the Era of Data Technology.

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