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Musket and Account Book

by Li Bozhong

Publisher: SDX Joint Publishing Company

Date Published: 2017/01/04

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ISBN: 978-7-108-05674-0




The period from late 15th century till 17th century witnessed the emergence and rapid development of economic globalization, namely, the early economic globalization period, which is symbolized by “musket and account book”. Musket stands for the new type of violence caused by military revolution, while account book means a positive pursue for business interests. The old order in East Asia was broken, leading to an unprecedented transition. At this very moment, China did not take the chance, and consequently had to wait for more than two centuries to restart its modernization in the new setting.

Li Bozhong, born in Kunming, Yunnan Province in 1949. Professor in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Tsinghua University. Research Interests: Chinese social and economic history; Ming and Qing history; Chinese military history; comparative history.

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