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Monsters in the Forbidden City

by Chang Yi

Publisher: Knowledge Publishing House

Date Published: 2015/08/01

Price: 0.00

ISBN: 978-7-5015-8730-8




The fiction is a recommended work by Chinese famous writer, Hans Christian Andersen Award winner, Mr. Cao Wenxuan. It contains fairy tales featuring a girl, named Xiaoyu that takes adventures in the Forbidden City and meets the monsters and animals transformed from the statues there. Xiaoyu, her weird talking animal friends and her mysterious experience will delight young readers.

Chang Yi is a budding Chinese author of fairy tales, an international children’s book writer and a member of the Association of Illustrators. Some of her works were once published in Young Writers and Beijing Literature, etc. Her fairy tale — Yangui Lane in March received the new fairy tale prize among 2008 Bing Xin Children’s Literature Prizes. Till now, the author has published a collection of fairy tales called “Li Kankan’s Dream in Self-study Class” (including four books) which was rated one of Sina’s top ten wonderful books in 2013. Chang Yi’s The Journey of a Fat Pig received the first prize of “fairy tales in travel” jointly held by a new media fairy tales platform — “Hun Tong Hua” and other agencies. Another work — The Monster in the Forbidden City was rated the outstanding book of the year among “China Publishing Group Corporation’s Top Books”.

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