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The Beauty Hidden in the Palace Museum

by Zhu Jiajin

Publisher: Zhonghua Book Company

Date Published: 2014/01/19

Price: 49.00

ISBN: 9787101096484




The book is a collection of academic essays written by Zhu Jiajin on ancient art, divided into three parts —— Ancient painting and calligraphy, Ancient arts and crafts, and Qing Palace Opera. Zhu Jiajin is a great master of literature, history, and cultural relic identification, and was born into a family of cultural relic collectors. As such, he has been acquainted with many treasured cultural relics. With his unique experience and profound knowledge of cultural relics, he discusses the evolution of the genres and styles of ancient painting and calligraphy, the order of collections and passages, the identification of ancient relics, and the foundation and inheritance of ancient opera. This book is indeed a masterpiece of ancient art appreciation.

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