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Lao Shu: Behind the Works

by Liu Shuyong

Publisher: China Fine Arts Publishing Group

Date Published: 2017/07/01

Price: 88.00

ISBN: 978-7-102-07704-8




The author has original understanding of wash painting. He is good at expressing meaningful principles through description of common things such as a book, a flower, a willow by the road, etc. His works is of unique perspective and language characteristics, and with breadth and depth.

This book is composed of the 200 select works of his 3000 paintings from 2011 to the present, and tens of classical articles of a hundred thousand words. It dissects, from art itself, the connotation and reflection of Lao Shu’s paintings and poetries, with graphics and texts.

Liu Shuyong graduated from Chinese Language and Literature department in Nankai University in 1983, now he is a professor and director of the art department in the School of Culture and Media in Central University of Finance and Economics. He is devoted to theoretical study and teaching practice of contemporary visual art criticism and image media communication.

He began to publish painting and poetry in microblog in the name of Lao Shu in 2011,and now he has more than 1.45 million fans. He has been awarded. The New Artist of the Year of 2016 China New&Sharp top List.

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