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by Pan Jianhua

Publisher: China Fine Arts Publishing Group

Date Published: 2009/05/01

Price: 98.00

ISBN: 978-7-102-04655-6




This book is about a series of female handicrafts, which are mainly embroideries. The author introduces the cultural background, the aesthetical characters, the physical structure and the fabrication methods of these handicraf ts. Women created these handicrafts, and then they turned into a life style of women, to help them express their emotions and hopes.

Pan Jianhua is a renowned expert in China, a professor and a doctoral supervisor in Shanghai Theatre Academy, and chief editor of Theatre Arts, a Chinese core periodical. His major works include Stage Costume Design and Techniques, Apparel Somatology and Costume Design, Lingerie Culture in Ancient China, and others. Pan has long been engaged in studies on folklore, costumes, and sexology, and has carried out comprehensive and pioneering research on lifestyle, life attitudes, pleasures, sexual orientation, and other aspects involved in the lingerie of both China and the western world.

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