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The Art of War

by Meng Qinjiang

Publisher: China Fine Arts Publishing Group

Date Published: 2015/10/01

Price: 360.00

ISBN: 978-7-1020-7265-4




The art of war has a grand system, including 13 chapters, covering the main aspects of the military theory: the outlook of war, the army building thoughts, the theory of strategy and tactics and the art of commanding. It is instructive in both military field and the social life.

This book expresses the profound thoughts vividly by using the style of traditional Chinese comics. The well-chosen contents, the excellent design and the first-class domestic comic painters, make this book outstanding and enlighten the readers.

 Meng Qinjiang is a scholarly artist and a full-time painter, graduated from Chinese painting department of China Central Academy of Fine Arts. He used to be the chief editor of Picture Story and the associate editor of Chinese Art.

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