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Brief History of Ancient Chinese

by He XIlin

Publisher: China Fine Arts Publishing Group

Date Published: 2016/06/01

Price: 38.00

ISBN: 978-7-102-07404-7




This is one volume of the brief history series.

This book is divided into 5 chapters, including all forms of sculptures created through a long course from ancient times to the Qing dynasty, for different purpose, such as mausoleum, religious and decorative. It’s presents chronologically the artistic features, style evolution and representative works of all the sculpture forms in different historical periods. This book is a public reading for understanding of the culture of ancient China, and it is systematic, illustrated, concise and reader-friendly.

Sculpture is human’s earliest molding practice. Chinese sculpture is time-honor, abundant and profound. Its development reflects not only aesthetic and interests of ancient China but also the social productivity, customs, religious, funeral cultures and blending of different cultures. This book is a comprehensive history of social development.

He XIlin was graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts in China in 1988, got the L.D. Degree in 2000. Now, he is a professor in Cultural Heritage Department of the Humanities College, Central Academy of Fine Arts. He is also a member of Society for Chinese Archaeology, Chinese Research Society of Qin-Han Histo and editorial board of Collection of Chinese Tomb Chamber Mural Paintings. He engaged in, Chinese fine arts history research and teaching and researching of fine arts archaeology, and he specializes in visual culture of Han and Tang dynasty.

He has authored Chinese Ancient Art of Bronze Ware, Research and Discovery of Ancient Tomb Frescoes of Han Dynasty, Painting Style and Frame of Ancient Tomb Frescoes in the Warring States Periods, etc.

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