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The Readers II

by DongQing

Publisher: Literature Publishing House

Date Published: 2019/01/02

Price: 168.00

ISBN: 9787020147670




Featering the second season of a hit TV show of the same name, The Readers offers 62 touching interview and excerpt of 71 remarkable works of classic and contemporary literature.

DongQing, a famous TV host, began her career in 1994, and has captured her audience’s hesrs with affinity.Ms. Dong has hosted CCTV’s spring festival gala for 13 years in a row, which is the most viewed TV program in China or maybe in the world. In 2017, Dong Qing made her debut as producer and host in the first season of “Readers”. The show attracted vast public attention, and ervitalized the popularity of reading. The second season of “Readers” was briadcasted in 2018,the program has further improved its quality in terms of range and depth, which was rewarded with a wave of positive feedbacks.

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