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Xi Jinping’s Poverty Alleviation Stories


Publisher: The Commercial Press, Ltd.

Date Published: 2020/10/19

Price: 78.00

ISBN: 9787100189569




This book contains 77 well-known stories about General Secretary Xi’s povertyalleviation ideas and practices. Arranged in chronological order, these storiesspan half a century from 1969 to 2019. Documented in places from Liangjiahe inShaanxi to Zhengding in Hebei, to Fujian and Zhejiang, and to the centralgovernment, these stories also cover almost every phase of Xi’s politicalcareer. Against the backdrop of how Xi first witnessed the hard situation inrural areas at the age of 15 as a cutting-in team member, and eventuallyvisited and investigated the whole country’s contiguous areas of extremepoverty, these stories record Xi’s contacts with people in need and his effortsto help them get out of poverty.

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