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Notes of Poverty Alleviation

by Yang Yifeng

Publisher: The Commercial Press, Ltd.

Date Published: 2020/06/19

Price: 89.00

ISBN: 9787100184397




Thebook is an easy-to-read collection of notes by Yang Yifeng, a chief editor andreporter with People’s Daily depicting his personalexperience when serving as a poverty alleviation official.The book describes the people and their stories, emotions, feelings andthoughts at the frontline of China’s fight against poverty. With a positive and inspiring attitude, the book iswritten in a flowing style to present a grand pictureby putting togethersmall and authentic stories. It is neither asummary of  what has been done, nor areport of  what  is achieved in China’s fight against poverty,  buta highly readable collection  of essays,which enables readers to deepen theirunderstanding of poverty alleviation in China through the enjoyable words ofsomeone who worked at the frontline.

Yang Yifeng, deputy director, editor-in-chief and journalist of the overseas edition of People’s Daily, standing committee of county committee and deputy county head ofLuanping County, People’s Government of Hebei Province. Among his representative works are Discovery of Tianjin Wei, The Enigmatic Ningxia, Search for the Shadows of Old Beijing Series and so on.

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