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Final Battle Against Poverty in 2020

by Wang Jiahua

Publisher: Publisher: China Democracy and Legal System Publishing House

Date Published: 2020/11/03

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ISBN: 9787516211250




General Secretary Xi Jinping stresses thatChina’s primary task and

commitmentis to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects, to lift the ruralpopulation living below the current poverty line out of poverty as scheduled,to eliminate poverty in all impoverished counties, and to alleviate regional poverty. The book was planned in  time  after General Secretary Xi advocated targeted povertyalleviation. Based on the author’s years of investigation, it discusses the main force, basic teams,strategic design, general direction, and other aspects of poverty alleviationby utilizing the big data of the population living below the current povertyline. The book encompasses far-reachingmacro-policy guidance that is in linewith current poverty alleviationstrategy in China, as well as specific cases that provide practical and usefulreference for poverty alleviation efforts in poverty-stricken areas at home and abroad.

Wang Jiahua is aresearcher and director of the Institute of Rural Development of RenminUniversity of China. His research areas include the industrialization ofagriculture, rural leader training, agriculture branding, rural governance, andtargeted poverty alleviation.

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