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Reading Notes of a Doctor

by Lang Jinghe

Publisher: Publisher: SDX Joint Publishing Co., Ltd.

Date Published: 2019/11/19

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ISBN: 978-7-108-06420-2




This is a collectionof reading notes by Dr.  Lang Jinghe, a senior doctor and  a science writer known for holding a scalpelin one hand to cure disease and sharp pen in the other hand to depict the realworld. This book presents the author’s deep care for the people, the contrastbetween what medical science pursues andwhat it is like to be a doctor inreality, and the relationships between medical care andhuman life. It showcases the lofty spirit of Chinese doctors, and at the sametime highlights the importance for mankind to face diseases and disasters together.

Lang Jinghe graduated from Norman Bethune University of Medical Science in 1964 and has since been working as professor and doctoral supervisor at Peking Union Medical College Hospital under Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. He is member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, chairman of the obstetrics and gynecology chapter of Chinese Medical Association, editor-in-chief for Chinese Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, chairman of the obstetrics and genecology chapter of Chinese Medical Doctor Association, and vice president of Chinese Scientific Writers Association.

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