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The Invisible Micro-World

by Jiang Wanzhi

Publisher: Daylight Publishing House

Date Published: 2020/06/19

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ISBN: 978-7-5016-1583-4




This is a series ofthree non-fiction picture books that leads children to explore the world ofmicrobes and learn the meaning of life and science. Themed respectively onviruses, bacteria and fungi, these picture books present the  definitions, characteristics and functions ofthese microbes, as well as the common phenomena they cause in daily life andhow to deal with them. Scientific and accurate, the series provides knowledgewith attractive and easy-to-understand words, interesting examples andinnovative paintings. It will help children gain scientific knowledge and take theminto the world of biological science.

Jiang Wanzhi, whograduated from Hunan Normal University, has worked in the science andtechnology field for many years and has published children’s non-fiction bookssuch as Funny Animals, Super Science Fans: The Adventure of CloudedLeopard Ben and more.

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