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Friend, Not For Meat

by Feng Li

Publisher: Daylight Publishing House

Date Published: 2020/05/19

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ISBN: 978-7-5016-1423-3




Against the backdropthat some people take wild animals as bush meat on   the table fornovelty, showing off or nourishment, this book, which is an adaptation from a play by China NationalTheatre for Children, tells a story  ofsufferings of wild animals such as civets, wild geese and bats in a worlddominated by human beings. The story is told through interactions between a batcoming out of a piece of  paper-cuttingartwork standing for blessings and a little girl who has to stay home becauseof the virus outbreak, calling for  careand protection for wild animals. This book aims to build respect for all formsof life and gratefulness for Mother Nature among young readers.

Feng Li, vicepresident of China National Theatre for Children, member of China WritersAssociation, China Theatre Association and China Television ArtistsAssociation, is a national Class-I scriptwriter. She has won China TV DramaFlying Apsaras Award, Beijing Television Art Chunyan Award and China PopulationCulture Award. Her children’s plays have won Chinese Drama Cao Yu Script Awardand the Best Contemporary Script Award at the International Animation FilmFestival in Bucharest. Her works also include novels such as Summer in Beijing and Hu Die the Movie Queen, and collectionsof essays like Looking Back.

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