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The True Face of the Mountain

by Jia Pingwa

Publisher: People's Literature Publishing House

Date Published: 2018/04/24

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ISBN: 978-7-02013-978-1




In the20s of the 20 century, in Wo, a small town deep in the Qinling Mountain, childbride Lu Juren’s dowry, a small piece of land, is given to Jing Zongxiu, as hisfather’s grave yard by Lu7s father in law. The land was said by afortune teller to have magical power and would bring extraordinary luck. Thispiece of land triggered a serious of dra­matic events of wars and struggles andconnected Lu and Jing's lives. It is a story about the mountain and the livesthere.

JiaPingwa is one of China's most successful writers. His influence and reputationwithin China is on par with that of Mo Yan, Yu Hua and Su Tong: he is a regularrecipient of most of the country's top prizes for literature, and each of hisbooks is eager­ly anticipated by readers, critics and journalists. His use ofXi'an and its surrounding countryside as a setting in which to examine China’srural/urban divide gives his works a depth and relevance beyond the spectacleof development limited to Beijing and Shanghai.

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