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Paper Hawk

by Ge Liang

Publisher: People's Literature Publishing House

Date Published: 2016/12/24

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ISBN: 978-7-02011-807-6




This isan epic fiction of two big families in the turbulent revolutionary era ofChina. With the depiction of the growth and maturation ofthe protagonist Lu Wensheng, the novel also give the reader a scrupulous surveyof hundreds of other characters including mer­chants, warlords, the literati,etc.

GeLiang’s pedigree is distinguished, to say the least. Hailing from Nanjing, hislineage is riddled with famous names—Chen Duxiu and Deng Jiaxian are hisgreat-uncles; Ge Kangyu his paternal grandfather. In their shadows, it is alltoo easy to imagine Ge Liang’s own success as something hereditary. But Geforged his own path, studying Chinese at Hong Kong University and becameAssistant Professor in the Chinese department at Hong Kong Baptist University.Ge has written five volumes of fiction—no small number. Along with hisdistinguished family background, it is Ge Liang’s experiments in long form thatset him apart him from the rest of China’s young writers.

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