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Jiuzhou: The Nebulous Chronicles

by Ricardo Z. Yang

Publisher: People's Literature Publishing House

Date Published: 2015/11/24

Price: 0.00

ISBN: 978-7-02011-145-9




Jiuzhouis a world constructed based on Chinese history and fairytales. It was built in2002 by a group of young authors who joined forces to start the magazineJiuzhou Fantasy and published a series of Jiuzhou novels. Jiuzhou: The NebulousChronicles is the foundation of the world of Jiuzhou, it is one of the mostimportant novels in China’s modern fantasy fiction, and it is the best workfrom Yang's repertoire to-date. In the past 10 years, 6 volumes has beenpublished, and sold around 2 million copies. The depth of its content anddelicate portrayal of characters combining with an epical storyline could becompared to A Song of Ice and Fire. A traditional Chinese Edition was publishedin Taiwan in 2010.

RicardoZ. Yang was born in 1977. He graduated with a Bachelors degree in chemistryfrom Beijing University and then went to Washington University in St Louis, USAfor postgraduate studies. Yang's literary career started with his memoir aboutcollege life at Beijing University titled The Youth Here . This novel proves tobe an inspiration among students.

Yang isone of the front-runners in Chinese fantasy genre. His fantasy works DragonClans series broke a record in China by selling over 1.5 million copies.

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