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Brief History of Ancient Chinese Paintings

by Cheng Dali

Publisher: People's Fine Arts Publishing House

Date Published: 2018/11/08

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ISBN: 978-7-102-07866-3




This book is divided into 7chronological chapters, covered the Southern and Northern Dynasties to Qingdynasty. Although the book is noly 199 pages, it contains 122 paint­ings whichpresent history of ancient Chinese paintings perfectly. We could witness thepainter's lifetime, the work's style and the then customs in social and culturefields through these outstanding paintings. With precise and meaningfulcharacters, this book help readers to appreciate the history of ancient Chinesepaintings.

Cheng Dali, painter, born inXuzhou, served as the chief editor of People’s Fine Arts Publishing House, isengaged in the editing work for more than 30 years. He also de­vote himself tothe study of Chinese landscape painting for decades on end and own the HuangBinhong Awards. Now he is a member of The central museum of literature andhistory, vice-chairman of Chinese Painting Institute and council member ofChina National Academy of Painting. He has authored Shi Xin Tittle-tattle andThe Appreciation of Chinese Landscape Painting.

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