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Selected Works of Zhang Qianyi

by Dr. Zhang Qianyi

Publisher: People's Music Publishing House

Date Published: 2019/04/25

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ISBN: 978-7-103-05576-2




Thiswork selection includes 16 works of the famous contemporary Chinese composerZhang Qianyi. 9 volumes have been released. The selected 16 works are the mostrepre­sentative works of the composer, which range from symphony, chambermusic, opera to dance drama and other styles and genres, demonstrate thetranscendental composing techniques of the composer and the characteristics ofChinese music writing. Each work from the whole series is attached with QR codelinked to the recording.

1,Symphonic Overture / 2, Cello Concerto,For Cello and Orchestra / 3, Farewell,ForPi- ano, Flute,Clarinet,Viola and Percussions/4, Symmetry, ForFlute, Stringsand Percussions 5, Porcelain Music, For 5 porcelain Players / 6, Fantasia, ForSanxian / 7, Chants, For Flute and Harp / 8, Brass Quintet N0.1 / 9, Grievance,For Soprano and Xiao

Dr.Zhang Qianyi, former Head of Song and Dance Troupe of the General Political De­partment,well-renowned Chinese composer, former member of the 9thf 10th and11th National Committee of CPPCC. Now he is the member of National Committee ofthe China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Vice Chairman of ChineseMusicians Associ­ation, President of the Music Committee of the China Allianceof Radio, Film and Televi­sion, Vice President of China Ethnic Minority CulturePromotion Association, trustee of Soong Ching Ling Foundation, trustee of ChinaAssociation for Preservation and Devel­opment of Tibetan Culture/TourGroups^Talent issued by the Propaganda Department of Central Committee of CPC,Distinguished Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of China Conservatory of Music,etc.

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