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The Book of Songs on Guqin

by YangQing

Publisher: People's Fine Arts Publishing House

Date Published: 2018/11/25

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ISBN: People's Fine Arts P




'TheBook of Songs77 is the source of all Chinese poetry and the startingpoint of Chinese literature. This book consists of 16 poems from "The Bookof Songs" with their Guqin scores, which are found in the ancient Chineseliterature and are adapted to be sung along with the Guqin music. The contentof the book includes Guqin scores of the po­ems, interpretation of poems,Chinese poetry culture, beautiful illustrations, and demon­stration DVD. It isan excellent work to bring the charms of Guqin art to the western readers.

YangQing, educationist of Guqin, renowned performer, vice chairman and secretary-general of Guqin Committee of China Nationalities Orchestra Society, vicepresident of International Chinese Musicians7 Association, standingvice-chairman and secretary- general of International Guqin Society, haspublished Guqin for Kids, Singing Classic Songs, Playing along Guqin,bestsellers author of People’s Music Publishing House.

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